Can you wear contacts after they dry out?

Can you wear contacts after they dry out?

The use of contact lenses is increasingly replacing traditional glasses because of the many amenities. Contact lenses allow you to play sports freely, they don’t distort your field of vision and you don’t have to worry about breaking or misting up. In addition, most people just look better without rims on the nose. Can you wear contacts after they dry out?

The lens is a simple optical device composed of one or several blocks of transparent material. Most often they are made of glass, but there are also lenses made of gel, minerals or paraffin. Contact lenses correct myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Glasses can be obtained in powers from +6 to -12, while annual and quarterly after individual order from +30 to -30. The duration of use of lenses is related to their durability and resistance to deposits that accumulate on them during use. Proper care of your lenses is a key factor in keeping them in good condition.

Can you sleep in lenses?

Along with the topic of daily care of contact lenses, the question arises whether it really is so important and whether something bad would happen if you took a nap or fell asleep in your lenses. It all depends on the type of contact lenses you choose. We offer bi-weekly and monthly lenses for daily wear and monthly lenses for 24-hour wear. In the first case, it is recommended that you remove your lenses from your eyes every day before going to bed, clean them and put them in a container with liquid. Falling asleep in such lenses is not recommended due to lower hydration, and thus faster drying on the eyes. However, there are two-week lenses to wear in the daytime mode, with the possibility of using in the day-night mode shortening this period to a week, after which they should be discarded.  

Can you wear contacts after they dry out?

Can I store the lenses in water?

Contact lenses should be cleaned and stored in a designated fluid. This type of solution not only provides adequate hydration, protecting the lens from drying out, but also cleans its surface from accumulated protein deposits and other types of impurities during use. It also removes harmful microorganisms that can be a source of infection. The composition of ordinary water is not able to provide the lenses with proper care, and can even affect the loss of their physical properties

Can you use a lens that has dried up?

Each lens that we want to put on the eye after removal must be immersed in a special care liquid, otherwise it will dry out and we will not be able to apply it again.

How to care for contact lenses?

Thoroughly clean the lenses before each use and after each use. For this you will need a lens fluid. The glass should be gently washed with it, and then either gently put it on the eye or put into previously prepared lens boxes. A well-prepared box is one that has been washed and filled with the same care liquid. We should never use water to clean lenses and containers, because it will never remove bacteria and other contaminants in the same way as a specially designed product. The lens fluid has disinfecting, caring and deprotecting properties. Removing any dirt from the lens surface protects the user against serious eye infections and irritation. 



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